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Anthony Robinson aka AntFarmusic was born and raised in the Washington Metropolitan area.  At the age of 13, after the unexpected passing of his father, Anthony learned early on that life can have its series of challenges.  As the second youngest of six in a single-parent home, he watched his mother work diligently to support him and his siblings.  Unable to provide them with opportunities to pursue all of their desires, she made it a priority to seek out their individual gifts.  After expressing interest in a series of activities, as most children do, Anthony found that he had a true interest in music.  So, at the age of 13, Anthony’s mother gifted him his very first keyboard; a 25 key Casio.  In a recent interview, Anthony said “I can remember being so surprised.  I had asked to do so many things before, play on sports teams, be a part of events, play other instruments, but I was always told we couldn’t afford it.  When I unwrapped that first keyboard, I knew it would change my life. What I didn’t know is not only would it change it, but it would save it.”


On Tuesday, December 7th, 2021 at 8:00 pm TOP 5 will be bringing you a performance like never before!

This Free Live Stream Benefit Concert will launch an ongoing effort to work and partner with local change-makers to bring solutions to concerns of accessibility-related to music programs, instruments, teachers, and mentors in our communities.

Our campaign to get as many instruments as possible into the hands of our gifted youth will begin October 7, 2021, and will culminate on December 18th with our Holiday “Gift”Back Giveaway! Children from Maryland, DC, and Virginia between the ages of 8-17 will be asked to submit an essay about what music or what an instrument would mean to them. In the month of December, a committee will review entry submissions, and recipient names will be selected. Each child chosen will receive the instrument that inspires them most, along with a copy of Anthony Robinson’s 25 Keys to Success.

Stream Here:

https://www.facebook.com/Top5dc/ https://www.instagram.com/top5dc/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/official_antfarmusic/?hl=en

What is the TOP5 “Gift”Back Initiative?

What is the TOP5 “Gift”Back Initiative?

The “Gift”Back Initiative is a Holiday Benefit event created for musicians from around the world to “gift”back their artistry, knowledge, skills, and tools to up & coming young talent in their local communities.  In partnership with the Unity in the Community non-profit organization, Musician, Artist, Producer, and Founder, Anthony Robinson (aka AntFarmusic), is set to kick off his new program, 25 Keys For Kids, with a live performance this Holiday Season.

25 Keys for Kids


25 Keys For Kids is a charitable company created and dedicated to changing lives through the gift of music. Focusing on young people ages 8-17 in underserved, at-risk communities, we set out to provide access to resources, education, and mentorship for those looking to pursue and invest in their musical passions.

Our Mission is to Motivate, Educate, and Equip the next generation of music industry leaders by providing them with the tools they need to achieve success.

MOTTO: “Be Instrumental”


● To raise awareness about the positive impact of music

● To provide musical instruments to underprivileged youth

● To offer opportunities for music education

● To provide mentorship to aspiring artists

● To engage current artists in “Gift”ing Back to their community

Join Our “Gift”Back Initiative

The “Gift”Back is a Program geared towards getting current musicians involved with “gifting” back into future generations.  Musicians who have traveled and toured with some of the biggest names in the industry will be donating their instruments to upcoming youth, ages 11-17,  in their local communities.  These donations will be coupled with monetary donations for individuals like YOU as we work to gift the inner-city youth from around the country with brand new instruments and gear.

With every instrument given, each child will receive 

Anthony Robinson’s 25 Keys to Success

Ways to Support

The 25 Keys for Kids Program can only achieve its goals with the help of generous donations from supporters and community members like you. We are asking for your help to grow the vision and build the dream as we strive to positively impact our community through the gift of music.

EVERY contribution takes us one step closer to building a better community.  Our Motto,“Be Instrumental”, is about maximizing our small steps in order to make a big difference. Company Founder, Anthony Robinson, is a living example that despite adversity, it is always possible to create your own song.  Our mission with 25 Keys For Kids is to provide the tools and support needed for each melody to flourish.

If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor or would like to make a Donation: 

Please contact 25keysforkids@gmail.com or call 240-441-5889.

Checks can be made payable to 25 Keys For Kids.

Gifts can also be made using PayPal – @25KeysForKids or CashApp – $25KeysForKids

Thank you in advance for your support!

Essay Submission Guidelines 

25 Keys for Kids

Entry Criteria

  • To be eligible, you must be:
    • Between the ages of 8-10
    • Attending school
    • From a household in an inner city or underserved community 
    • Have an interest in pursuing piano and/or keyboard

  • Winners will be selected at random through blind draw 

The “Gift”Back 

Essay Contest Guidelines

Entries must be submitted by [ENTER TIME] on [ENTER DATE]

Please carefully read and follow the submission guidelines below:

  • To be eligible, you must be:
    • Between the ages of 8-17
    • Attending school
    • From a household in an underserved community 
  • By entering the contest, you confirm that the essay submission is your own original creation. 
  • A written essay is the only literary form accepted (no poems, plays, songs, etc.).
  • Only one essay may be submitted by each contestant.
  • Each essay should reflect the contestant’s own interpretation and original thinking.
  • Each essay should be given an original title.

Essay Specifications:

  • The essay should be between 500 and 1000 words long, double-spaced.
  • Use a 12-point font (preferably Times New Roman or Arial).

Essays will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Creativity 
  • Organization 
  • Clarity 
  • Development of thought 
  • Grammar/Mechanics 

Judging of Submissions:

  • The essays will be judged by a committee 
  • The winners will be notified via phone/email and subsequently receive detailed information regarding award retrieval.

ESSAY DEADLINE: All Entries must be submitted by 11:59 pm on December 4th, 2021

Please include Name, Essay Title, Email, Phone Number with your entry.

Event Details

Email Address

To register for this event email your details to RELRUNITY@GMAIL.COM

Register using webmail: Gmail / AOL / Yahoo / Outlook

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